Le Château de La Brède au crépuscule
Laurent Wangermez
Carrelet de pêche en bord de Garonne
Laurent Wangermez
Homme en train d'en aider un autre lors d'une randonnée en forêt
Roman Carey - Pexels

Graves and Pessac-Léognan wines

Exploited since the birth of Bordeaux wines, this vineyard is today the closest to the Gironde capital.


Beautiful stones and duty to remember

History has brought the Gironde its share of prestigious homes. Family homes of illustrious writers such as Montesquieu or witnesses of the Belle Epoque of Bordeaux.


Natural areas

Protected natural areas stretch as far as the eye can see between bocage and undergrowth. They gather a rich fauna and flora, to be safeguarded in order to maintain the good balance of nature.


Beautiful walks ahead

Time to get some air? By bike along the cycle route or by foot in the forest, several walking trails highlight the diverse nature of our destination.

Welcome to the lands of Montesquieu

20min from the historic centre of Bordeaux

Nestled between the metropolis and the Atlantic coast in the province of Bordeaux, hides an irreducible Gascon stronghold. Here, you take the time to live. A real bubble of peace and quiet near Bordeaux, Arcachon and the indomitable Dune du Pilat. Relax, stroll and cultivate yourself in this elegant, as yet unexplored region. Travel through the vineyards of Bordeaux, walk in the footsteps of Montesquieu and fill your lungs with fresh air on a walk through the Gironde forest. To be enjoyed with friends, family and without moderation!

Preparing my stay